The Potter Side

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Elmer Lettie Eunice Estella Gertie
3/17/1906-1982 5/5/1894- 7/25/1897-1993 1/31/1892-1967 7/7/1886- 1985


Elmer's Parents Elmer's Grandparents Elmer's Brother
Elmer Nelson Potter Senior Reverend Warren Armstrong Potter  Warren Arther Potter

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This is a picture taken in the 40’s of Lettie, Stella, Gertie and Elmer. They are by Bert & Lettie’s house in Maynard. Notice the star hanging in the window for someone serving in the war (Warren Whitney).

(The following information was submited By Warren Whitney)

Your dad ran a resort up on the north end of Big Stone, it was called Brown's.I worked for him a short time, how I enjoyed getting up at catch frogs and seine minnows, then dig worms and grubs, then clean the boats. We rented cane poles and they had to be checked for good hooks, corks etc. Then breakfast if there wasn’t some thing else to do!!! My dad caught an owl on a bassoreno one evening. He was plugging along a willow at dusk when the owl got tangled up with the plug. One very unhappy owl and it was a big one.