Pam and Ray Sands

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Pam and husband Ray live at (oops, can't tell you the address), inEagen MN.  Pam and Ray Sand met in the summer of 1973. They married on Feb. 24 1979. Pam and Ray have lived in Eagan Mn. for the last eleven years. Ray has worked for MBC-Air Hydraulics System for twentyfour years. Pam recently quit her job of six years as a teachers aide to explore new career options. They have two children, Jessica born April 4 1977 and Jeremy, born April 3 1980. Jessica will be getting married on Sept. 3 1999 to Cormac Cook. They live in Minneapolis Mn. Jessica works at Sylvan Potomic in Edina in customer service. Cormac works at MBC-Air Hydraulics Systems in Minneapolis and also is going to school for auto mechanics. Jeremy was working for a construction company framing new homes for the summer. Like his mom he is now exploring new career opportunities and has yet to decide on what he would like to do. Pam was born March 30 1955. Ray was born November 10 1954.

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